Red Letter City (27 Sermons)

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red letter city 2.jpg

Red Letter City (27 Sermons)

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This is the largest sermon package we have ever put together. 

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Red Letter City is the most thorough, detailed sermon series that we have ever put together. Going line by line through the Sermon on the Mount, Pastor Jacob gives extensive attention to each passage. 

This series was originally given over 19 Sunday mornings at Courage Church in Detroit, MI, and "The Beatitudes" were given as part of "EQUIP" - our Thursday evening midweek service. 

Included in this package:

  • Audio files for 19 sermons on the Sermon on the Mount, and another 8 sermons about "The Beatitudes"

  • A PDF Document about the entire series (over 150,000 words!) 

  • widescreen and square graphics for each of the 19 sermons on the Sermon on the Mount. (individual beatitudes graphics NOT included)

  • editable Keynote Files for 27 sermons

  • editable .PSD file of the main series graphic. 

please note: These files are available for purchase as a way for you to support the work of Courage Church. We believe strongly in resourcing people whether they are able to contribute financially or not, and the files included for download in this bundle are also available to stream on our website at no cost to you.

Thank you for your generosity!