As a church in the inner city of Detroit, who is always working on new and creative ways to reach our city, we are always working to raise the support needed to do the work that we do. Because of that, it could be very easy to keep whatever money does come in, right here in the city. But one thing that God spoke to us at the beginning of 2018, was that even though the needs right here in our own city will never all be met, that we needed to sew seeds into the work being done all around the world, so began to support several missionaries, from China to Cuba to Haiti to Indonesia to the campus of the University of Michigan.

In this series, we brought in 3 of those missionaries to share with us what is going on, in China, Haiti, and Indonesia, and then we honed in on our mission right here in Detroit. We want to always remember that we are not the only mission in the world, and want to support the work God is doing all over, but at the end of the day we must never forget that we are on a mission here, and it is a very clear mission that will only come to pass by the grace of God and the faithfulness of His people.

There is a very big difference between vision and mission. Sometimes, we spend all of our focus and energy on where we want to go, that we miss what we are supposed to do with what we have right now, and where we are right now. In the Bible, Jesus doesn’t really give us much of a vision, what he really gives us is a mission. Go, make disciples. Bring people back to God. Reconcile with the people in your life who you have hurt, be an agent of reconciliation for people who are far away from Jesus. Don’t count their trespasses against them.

Do it in your neighborhood.

Do it where you work.

Do it at school.

Do it in our city.

Do it on the other side of the world.

Do it wherever God calls you to go.

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