28 Adam & Jesus

series: Romans

title: 28 Adam & Jesus

passage: Romans 8:26-30

teacher: Jacob Bender

date: August 18, 2019

The heart of the Gospel is that Jesus came into our pain… and He redeemed us in the midst of it and wants to restore our lives and has called us to something greater. 

and the job of the church is to do the same exact thing for the world. To throw ourselves right in the middle of all of the broken messes… and fix what we can when we can… and when we don’t have a clue what we can do… we pray. 

In this message, we wrap up the concept of Jesus as the new Adam. “adam” in Hebrew shows up in the Bible over 500 times, but only in the first five chapters does it refer to a specific man. After that, it is just in reference to mankind. All men. All of us. Because Adam’s story is our story. He is us.

Adam is everybody’s name.

So if Adam is humanity, and Jesus is the new Adam, then Jesus is the new humanity. He is our example of how it looks to be human.


This sermon pulled from many resources, but the two primary resources were the above book (set the pace for the whole sermon) and an interview with the author, Haley Goranson Jacob, done on The Bible Project.

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