20 Justification & Glorification

series: Romans

title: 20 Justification & Glorification

teacher: Jacob Bender

date: June 9, 2019

scriptures: Romans 5:20-21, Romans 6:1-14

My kids last day of school was this week. Fiona’s last day was Wednesday, and Milly and Brooklyn finished Friday. And on Friday, I was driving in the car with Fiona to pick up Milly and Brooklyn, and I was showing Fiona the song “Redemption Songs” by Bob Marley. 

“oh pirates yes they rob I, 

sold I to the merchant ship” —-

and she started singing alone. Then she stopped for a moment and said to me:

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 11.40.44 AM.png

“Daddy… is this a sad song?” 

and I thought about it for a moment… I ran the words over in my head, and then responded… “well, no. No, I don’t consider it a sad song.”

to which she responded: it sounds like a sad song.

and I said to her: to me, it is a hopeful song.

and she said “well what is it about? about someone who gets robbed?”

like… how is that hopeful?

And I explained to her:

it’s a song about a revolution. 

and of course… five year old Fiona… we all know what the next question was…

“What is a Revolution?” 

and again, I had to think about it… about how to communicate it to a five year old, and so I sort of took a couple of the lines in the song and added some more to it… and I said: 

“it is when there is something in our world THAT ISN’T as it should be… a dominating thought… a controlling thing that is doing something that it shouldn’t… and enough people decide “we aren’t going to stand aside and watch this happen anymore… we aren’t going to let it be this way anymore.” 

and instead of waiting for the solution, we are going to sacrifice whatever it is that we have the potential of losing… in order that we can be a part of the solution ourselves. 


and that is what we are called to in our world.

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