05 The Exchange

series: Romans

title: 05 The Exchange (cont.)

teacher: Jacob Bender

date: Feburay 17, 2019

scriptures: Romans 1:18-25, Genesis 3, Proverbs 4:23

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In the Garden, Adam and Eve traded the glory of God for the knowledge of right and wrong, and we have been trying to navigate good and evil ever since.

As you navigate good and evil, it will cause you to view others differently, because as you begin to navigate good and evil you are going to start figuring out the difference. and slowly, judgment is going to creep in, toward others who don’t share the same worldview as you, or who struggle in different ways than you do. 

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The teaching that was cited in the message was by Mark Sayers, and was included as part of the podcast “this cultural moment” - It is called “The Portland Sessions Part One” released February 12, 2019

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