series: Ancient Cliff Notes

title: Jonah

teacher: Jacob Bender

date: December 9, 2018

scriptures: The book of Jonah, Jonah 1:2, Jonah 3:2, Jonah 4:1-11, Joshua 5, Matthew 12:38-41, Leviticus 16.

Jonah’s story is our story. It is the story of running from the call of God on your life. It is the story of hiding in the comforts that your life has allowed you, knowing that God has more for you than that. It is the story of how we treat people who have hurt us, and how God’s steadfast love stretches even farther than we could even imagine!

It is the only “sign” that Jesus said that we will be given, that shows us that He is the Messiah.

Jonah (ancient cliff notes).048.jpeg

We did a 6 week series through the book of Jonah in 2016 over the election season. To learn more about the story of Jonah, we encourage you to go through the series.

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