eight: connection

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series: (co)re values

title: eight:connection

teacher: Jacob Bender

date: November 19, 2017

scriptures:  Matthew 6:1-18, John 16:13-15, Ephesians 4:28, Isaiah 57:15, Daniel 6, John 1:10


our oldest daughter Milly shares a room with the baby… and its so sweet to see, just about every morning when the baby wakes up, the sun is just starting to rise… and Milly’s bed is at a window, and each morning Dawn and I are woken up by the baby talking… making these cute noises, and when we go in to get her, Milly has her on her lap on her bed and is trying to watch the sunrise with her. And this moment, that seems to replay just about every single morning, is one of the most peaceful, beautiful things that I have ever witnessed. And I don’t know if Milly realizes the depths of the moment that she is a part of… holding a tiny child, one of God’s greatest gifts and most perfect creations… who is full of joy even though its morning and its been 12 hours since she has been fed and yet she is content to sit in arms of her sister… staring at a sky totally lit up with the colors of heaven… in a moment of total peace. 

Now, in our home, ESPECIALLY IN THE WINTER… the hour of 7am-8am is the most hectic, crazy time all day… we are totally scrambling to get everyone showered, dressed, hair brushed, teeth brushed, breakfast made… lunches packed if we didn’t do it the night before… snow pants, coats, hats, and gloves all on, and everyone out the door by 8 to get to school on time. 

And we are working on making that window of time less and less hectic… more orderly, less chaos… but the chaos that usually comes when 7am hits, to me, just makes those moments a few minutes before, where Milly calmly sits at the window with Eloise, that much more special.

it is a space that allows reflection, and I have noticed that in Milly, on the mornings that she does that before she comes down stairs, everything seems to go a little bit more smoothly. 


Because she took that moment to pause… to create a little space… to clear her mind and prepare for what was next.

and one of the biggest misconceptions people have about connecting to God is that you can only do it in church… or you can only do it if you wake up at 5am and seek him diligently for 2 hours before you take a shower and start the day…

I think its important to go to church, and it is important to have quiet time, I think that is part of what it means to create space for Jesus… but I also believe that God wants to walk through your day with you… He will speak to you through the moments… through the sunsets, through the storms… through your encounters with others… through the subtle things that you take for granted. 

Because most of us live the majority of our lives in that 7-8am frantic hour… missing the moments that are meant to speak to us… missing the sunrises… missing the things that God wants us to SEE… and to experience… and to experience HIM in. 

He wants to be with you when you drive to work, and while you are at work. 

To me, it is so significant that the Hebrew word for worship, the word AVAD, is the same word as the word for work… AVAD means both… IN FACT, it also means SERVING. So in Hebrew, the word for: worship, work, and serve is the exact same word… AVAD!

Exodus 8:1 says: Then the Lord said to Moses, “Go in to Pharaoh and say to him, ‘Thus says the Lord, “Let my people go, that they may AVAD”

some translations say serve, others say worship

because all three are worship… 

work is worship. serving others is worship. WORSHIP IS WORSHIP. 

and sometimes we belittle our experiences because we think that they aren’t spiritual, when in reality its all Spiritual… God speaks to us in the mundane as much as He does in the extraordinary… but the question is, are we listening? 


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