#5 Patience

Date: August 2, 2015
Series: The Fruit of the Spirit
Title: Patience
Teacher: Jerome Vierling

When Jerome teaches about Patience, I know that it is from his heart.

I remember two years ago, Jerome was in Philadelphia working with Pastor Brad Leach at City Life Philly, and Dawn and I drove down from New York to spend a day with them, shoot some videos, see Jerome and his family, and connect with Pastor Brad. Jerome and his wife made my family breakfast as the day began, and I remember sitting there and listening to him talk about his dreams for Lansing. For the kids there, in that downtown area… for the city kids that nobody was going after, and how he essentially was laying down everything else in his life so that he could put everything into this new mission, to launch a church in the city.

From day one, I wanted to be a part of this vision, and I am thrilled that Courage Church is able to partner with Jerome as they launch City Life Lansing on Sunday, September 13, 2015.

Even now, looking back, I am amazed. It has been years since that vision was laid on his heart, and I have watched Jerome not sit on those years, but strategically plan, pray, and wait on the Lord’s perfect timing so that they could launch the church right, and as I sit back and watch it all from a distance, I can tell you, they are launching that church right. It was so fitting that the day that he was able to come fell on the day we were scheduled for Patience in our Fruit of the Spirit series, because he has lived this message for the last several years and we are all so excited to see the upcoming results of that patience.

We are so proud of Jerome and his team, and look forward to future partnerships with them.