18 Adam & Jesus

series: Romans

title: 18 Adam & Jesus

teacher: Jacob Bender

date: May 26, 2019

scripture: Romans 5:12-14

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Have you ever been given a rule, something that you were told you have to make sure you DON’T DO?

naturally… of course, the natural human instinct is going to be to WANT TO DO THAT THING! And that leads some people to BREAKING THE RULE, and it leads others (people who are more like me probably) to figuring out a way that they can get as close to breaking it as they can without breaking it. 

you know who I am talking about… the people who are the reason we have to make additional rules because they do things that we never even think of doing!

In this sermon, we explore a story about a time before the law was given. But even before there was a law, there was one specific command, and even that one thing proved to be impossible for the man who represented all of humanity.

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