a few ways to be involved:

  1. Share this with your workplace, and collectively, commit to adopting one whole family. We will give you the entire list, and between you and your co-workers, you can divide it up and go shopping for all of the items, then deliver them to Courage Church. If you want, you and a couple of co-workers can also come on the delivery. 

  2. Stop by Courage Church and select a card or several cards, and let us know what you are purchasing. 

  3. Donate money, and we will do the shopping for you! Designate your donation to: Joy to the D. 


If someone wants to contribute financially, please share with them this link:

What is Joy to the D?

Joy to the D is our annual Christmas outreach. Each year, we take several families from around the community who, for whatever reason, may not be able to provide a Christmas for their family this year, and we take care of that for them, by giving them an ENTIRE Christmas. 

We give families that would not have a Christmas, a Christmas, and we take care of them like we would our own families. 

We also hold an annual Christmas party on the Sunday morning before Christmas where we give out at least one toy to every single child who attends. 

What is the Tool kit?

The Joy to the D toolkit is a way for us to equip you to be able to spread the word to your friends and family about what we do, by sharing videos, graphics, pictures, and our giving page. We can not do what we do without the help of so many others who sacrifice to make sure that the families that are selected have a great Christmas. Sometimes, it is as simple as someone just finding out that this is going on, and they want to be a part of it. Sharing the content about it is the easiest way for you to spread the word. 

Spreading the word gives others to opportunity to be involved!

2017 Dates:

Saturday, December 16 - Toy Wrapping Party at Courage Church

Sunday, December 24 - The Toy Giveaway at Courage Church

the presents will be delivered to the families we have adopted between December 16 and December 23. 

Do for a few what you wish you could do for everyone
— Andy Stanley

video one.png

We recommend sharing the above short video clip on Facebook, both on your personal walls as well as in direct messages to anyone who you think may specifically be interested in helping provide more families with a Christmas.

To share this video, please click the box at the bottom that says SHARE VIDEO ON FACEBOOK

From the Sermon "Church Bells Still Ring in Brooklyn" Given on Christmas morning, December 25, 2016. 

Tips for sharing this video:

  • share this with people who like hearing people's stories. 
  • This video is especially powerful to people who do not live in Detroit and may be unfamiliar with what life is like here for so many. 
  • For people who want to know more about what our church is all about and the way we do church during the Christmas season, you may also want to direct them to the whole message. 
  • Share this video on your Facebook page with a link to our giving page. (

video two.png

This video is perfect for anyone who wants to just watch a very brief, fast moving video that shows what our Toy Giveaway and family outreach is like. 

Tips for sharing this video:

video three.png

This video is a little older, but also does a very good job explaining what "Joy to the D" is and is all about. You can show people this video by directing people to watch it on our website, where they also have the option of donating. 

Just follow the link, or copy and paste the below URL to send it:


Tips for this video: 

  • Share this video with people who like to hear details about what is taking place. 
  • Send this video to co-workers and employers, as there are a couple different testimonies on here of companies that have adopted families through Joy to the D. 


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