Have you ever just looked around you and said “something needs to change”? I know I have too
many times to count. The last time was this Spring, I knew something had to change, but I
couldn’t figure out what it was. Then as clear as day it hit me “quit your job”.
Now to most people this would seem crazy. I remember arguing with God, about it, how it
seemed like the worst idea imaginable at the time. I was an intern at my church at this time and
already couldn’t work much, I remember wondering how I would pay for my car, wondering if I
could survive just off of what was in my savings.

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I remember wrestling back and forth with this idea for weeks.

When one day I was sitting at a
local coffee shop, when almost out of the blue the manager asked me if I wanted to work there.
RIght there I knew I was supposed to be there, quitting my job began to make sense.
I’d love to say that because of me listening to God in this situation all my financial problems just
disappeared overnight, but they didn’t. Still through that, I don’t feel stressed about it anymore. I
mean I have to budget and plan just like everyone else, but now the reason I work has changed.
See in Hebrew the word for work is Avad, and I absolutely love this word! See Avad means to
work, but it’s also the word used for serving, but even more impressively it’s the word used for

They weren’t separate words, because our worship and our work aren’t separate.

Every time we work, everytime we create something we show how incredible God is. This is just one of the ways God shows us that he wants every part of our lives to be worship to Him, to be an
expression of His grace.


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