Success in Creativity

This post was written by Emily Morss, our worship pastor. 

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For the longest time I measured my own success in creativity by the success of others; often minimizing my own. I wanted to be leading worship from an instrument, I wanted to be writing original songs, I wanted a music side project (and maybe some extra time to do it in haha) I was so focused on my inability to do all of the above I lost sight of my actual abilities. It wasn't until I was at a conference with hundreds of other musicians and I kept hearing the same thing over and over from different speakers - "stay in your own lane." 

It all made sense after that. If you look up success it says "achievement of a goal" WHY would my success look like anyone else's? 

My goals aren't the same as anyone else's. 

So if my goals don't look like yours..then my success isn't going to look like yours - and your success isn't going to look like mine. 

Comparison not only kills our joy, it also kills our own unique individual creativity.

At the end of the day I am successful if I'm faithful with what God has put in front of me. 

And so are you.