Brad Reed - Discipleship

July 2017

Pastors Brad and Stella Reed are the lead Pastors of the New York Dream Center, and are pastors/overseers to Pastors Jacob & Dawn here at Courage. They joined us in Detroit the last week of July (2017) where Pastor Brad did two teachings (Sunday Morning, midweek service for the 4 days mission trip) and Brad and Stella did a private Q&A with us that is all included here. 

a note from Pastor Jacob: 

I was absolutely thrilled that we had the opportunity to have Pastor Brad here in Detroit with us teaching about discipleship... because I learned just about everything that I know about Discipleship from Brad Reed. His life is dedicated to this one subject... it is who he is, he is a disciple maker. There are countless stories of lives who have been changed through his ministry, and I believe that He will raise up more pastors and world changers than he will ever be able to count or even give himself credit for.