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Everyone has questions. 


And we certainly do not have all of the answers. But one of the things that the ancient Rabbi's would do to test their potential students, was they would judge them based on their ability to ask the questions that would continue to conversation about God. Because sometimes its more about the conversation, than even the final answer.


So what we are doing on this Equip page is we are giving you the opportunity to ask questions. Either questions that you have always wondered about, or questions specifically related to something that you heard during a message.

We will then respond to you (when possible) via either a podcast, a video response, or a written response. If you ask questions that we have already addressed in previous content we have released, we will direct you to that content and in some instances even isolate the sections you are looking for. We also will open the comments on each page, giving you the opportunity to keep the conversation going. 

We are so excited to be launching a new podcast that both tells stories of Courage and the people who we are connected to who are doing great work in Detroit, as well as a way for us to answer hard questions and dive deeper into topics that we aren't always able to get very deep into on a Sunday. 

Your questions will help us know the best way to create content!

The Brad Reed Sessions

July 2017

Pastors Brad and Stella Reed are the lead Pastors of the New York Dream Center, and are pastors/overseers to Pastors Jacob & Dawn here at Courage. They joined us in Detroit the last week of July (2017) where Pastor Brad did two teachings (Sunday Morning, midweek service for the 4 days mission trip) and Brad and Stella did a private Q&A with us that is all included here. 

Hebrew word pictures

This series is an introductory look at Hebrew Word Pictures. You will find full transcripts with images of the original ancient Hebrew letters in the printed versions of each lesson. 

Please note: Hebrew word pictures are illustrations... they are not definitions. Where the ancient letters can be helpful, and are incredibly fun to study, they can never take the place of scripture, and they are NOT necessary to understanding the scriptures, or the gospel.