Courage Discipleship School Application


The Courage Discipleship School 9 month program begins at a base price of $5,000 for the first year, and $4,000 for the second year. This number is adjustable depending on the education method you choose. The base price includes housing, food, ministry, classes with our team at Courage Church, and online classes and books for 9 classes of Berean School of the Bible, which, when completed, meets the requirements to apply for a certificate of ministry with the Assemblies of God after one year, and a license after two.

We also offer discounted pricing if you take advantage of our partnership with Northpoint Bible College Grand Rapids. Through our partnership with Northpoint Bible College Grand Rapids, you can earn a college degree while doing our live in program. Depending on your eligibility, this option can be offered at little to no additional cost (and in some cases can come out to be cheaper per year). There are two classroom days per week with this option, in addition to the classes at Courage.

Summers are free for all students who do our 9 month program, but only include housing and some meals.

please inquire for cost of summer internships if you are not staying the full year.

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Preliminary Questions
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Are you interested in Northpoint Bible College (see description)?
We have a partner program with Northpoint Bible College in Grand Rapids, where you can work toward your college degree while being a part of Courage Discipleship School. Depending on your eligibility, this can be achieved for little to no additional cost. We encourage everyone who does not already have a college degree to consider this affordable option for working toward a bachelors degree. A further application process applies.
Are you interested in working toward Pastoral Credentials (see Description)?
We are a study group for the Berean School of the Bible and put several of our students through the credentialing process each year. It takes one year to complete the classes required for a certificate of ministry, two years to earn a full license, and after three years of classes you have enough credits required for ordination.
What ministries are you interested in (select all that apply)?
Below is a list of many of the ministries that we do both at Courage Church and in our outreach work through Detroit Courage, our non-religious non profit.
What objectives do you have for your time in Detroit?
Please tell us a little bit about what you hope to accomplish while you are with us