Courage Discipleship School exists to fulfill God’s plan for the Church found in Ephesians 4:11-12. 

Whether you are headed to the business world or vocational ministry, you (all of us!) are called to pursue the heart of Christ and cultivate a passion for others. Our goal is to equip Christians like you to minister to the world while also building up the body of Christaround them.

If you commit to 9 months of serving and learning in Detroit, you will be part of a phenomenal rebuilding that is already in progress! You’ll dive into hands-on ministry and leadership training, all while receiving a formal education that will prepare you to share your faith and live it out to the fullest.

Discover all God has for you in Detroit with Courage Discipleship School, and leave with a stronger relationship with Him, a greater understanding of His word, and the unforgettable experience of transforming our incredible city and the amazing people who call it home.


Tuition for the live in program, for the one year program is $5,000. Tuition includes:

  • Housing with room and board (including food!). Students will live in one of our units at The Courage House.

  • Each apartment will have a Courage Church staff person living with them as house leader.

  • 9 Courses through Global University’s Berean School of the Bible.

  • Leadership training and discipleship classes.

  • Local ministry outreach.