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One of the best ways to partner with Courage Church is by bringing a Short Term Missions team to Detroit and getting hands on experience serving people in the city. 

When you partner with Courage Church, you will be given the opportunity to tangibly meet people right where they are, and show them the love of Christ.

We are also committed to helping disciple, train, and teach the students and teams who come and spend time with us in Detroit, and will offer a variety of opportunities to pour back into your team while you are here. 



The last week of July every year, churches from all over the state come to Detroit and partner with us for a 4 day long mission trip. 


The dates this year for that trip are: Wednesday July 25-Sunday July 29

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Due to the overwhelming response to this trip, additionally this year we are hosting multiple teams over several other weeks, We also have made the Courage House available for smaller Short Term Mission teams to be able to come all summer long, so even if you can't make it to one of the larger trips, contact us if you are interested in coming to Detroit and we will work out the details with you. 

On any given week throughout the summer, teams will help with: 

-Helping feed and run programs during our daily Summer Feeding program for youth and children 18 and under.

-Assisting at Courage Kids Club (Thursday evenings)

-Serving at adopt-a-block (Tuesday, Thursday Evenings), activities vary from: feeding people and meeting tangible, small needs, going out and serving meals to the homeless, cleaning up the streets, mowing someones lawn or something else that meets a tangible need, serving at the Courage House (cleaning, yard work, construction projects)

-Construction projects, gutting and renovating (depending on skill sets and present needs)

-Boarding up houses

-Passing out flyers for our Kids Club events and Sunday services.

-visiting people’s homes

-Random acts of Kindness

-Working on the Courage House, our ministry house. There are a variety of projects that have yet to be completed there, included work on the side lot, and work inside (like painting)

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